Palcafé, the Spanish Blend.


Palcafé has been specially developed to enjoy the spanish coffeeworld. Expertly blended, strong, full bodied aromatic and rich flavour coffee to trully enjoy all the different varieties which are available: Café solo, Americano, Con hielo, Manchado, Cortado, Con leche, Bombón, Leche y Leche, Carajillo o Baraquito, just to mention some. All those who have visited Spain and their bars and cafeterias have come across through this exceptional and set apart coffee culture, where many get lost at the beginning. Palcafé is an original spanish coffee which is being used in real Spanish coffeehouses day by day and being served in multiple forms . Click here to learn more about the different types of coffee serving in Spain. Palcafé is 100% arabica coffee, with a great aroma, good cream, fullbodied coffee, intensity and little acid.

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Palcafé is blend with several distinct Arabica beans before roasting, all from central american origins, assuring each bean’s distinct characteristics develop at the same rate under the roaster’s heat. This is precisely how we can achieve remarkable consistency in our blend, can after can. Blending is truly an art. Coffees from different origins carry distinct aromas, and varying balances of bitter, sweet and body characteristics. Nothing less than mastery is required to create a harmonious whole.

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The term body describes the physical properties – heaviness, or mouthfeel – of the coffee as it settles on your tongue; the feel of the coffee coating the tongue, and whether it is oily, grainy, watery, or possesses some other characteristic. Discerning a coffee’s body involves identifying its tactile impression – its consistency and weight – as perceived in the mouth at the back of the tongue when you swoosh the coffee around in your mouth.                                                          

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Rich flavour

An overall perception and description of the coffee’s distinctive characteristics including Aroma, Acidity, and Body—in essence, flavor is the fusion of these qualities. If no one characteristic overpowers the others, then the flavor is well-balanced. Components of a gourmet coffee’s flavor may be, for example, rich (full-bodied), bitter, nutty, complex (multi-flavored), or reminiscent of citrus or berries (fruity), or red wine, in which case it is called winy.